The Best Websites to Sell Jewellery Online

Marketplaces are great way of getting your jewellery in front of a large potential customer base and can be a very useful tool to help you grow your business.

They will also generally start generating sales quicker than through your own website, especially if your website is new. I sold on a few marketplaces when I had my retail jewellery business and fortunately for you, there is a now a greater selection to choose from and in this post, I will show you what I think are the best options to start selling your jewellery online.

Now this isn’t in any particular order as there isn’t one that is overall better than the rest.

#1 Ebay

Don’t roll your eyes at me just yet! While Ebay isn’t the best option for designer makers, it is still a great option for resellers of new and pre-owned jewellery.

I know this from first hand experience as I sold six figures worth of jewellery through the platform. The fees are also pretty reasonable for an online marketplace, with Ebay charging 11% + vat final value fee for business sellers. If you don’t have a shop, then you will be charged a 30p listing fee that auto renews every 30 days.

If you want to have a shop on the platform then these start from £25 + vat monthly, for the majority of jewellery sellers, you won’t need more than this. Included with the basic package is 250 free fixed price listings and 50 7 day auction listings. You also get a shopfront and access to research tools such as Terapeak.

You will also have to factor in payment processing fees, these are currently 2.9% + 30p with PayPal but Ebay payments are changing this year and I will update this post when they do.

The main benefit of selling on Ebay is the reach that the platform has, millions of people visit the site every day and a proportion of those are looking for jewellery.

#2 Etsy

Etsy is the world’s largest marketplace aimed at designer makers and craftspeople and its target audience is different to that of Ebay. Many of the Etsy customer base are looking for something a little bit different to mainstream styles.

It also has the benefit of having a large number of visitors every day, though not on the level of Ebay, it is still considerably more than the majority of marketplaces.

Now, the costs of selling on Etsy are a little bit … confusing to say the least so I will give my break down of the fees as I interpreted them.

Every Etsy listing incurs a listing fee of 20 cent (about 15p), and the listing is live for 3 months. For every sale you make, you will be charged a 5% fee by Etsy plus the 4% + 20p payment gateway charge.

But that isn’t all, Etsy promote a lot of products via paid advertising and if your product sell as a result of a click on one of these adds, then you have to pay for this advertising. If your business sells then than $10k per annum then you will pay a 15% fee, if you sell more than $10k per year, then this is reduced to 12%.

You can opt out of the offsite advertising if you sell less than $10k a year, once you hit this threshold however, these fees do become compulsory.

There is also an option to sign up for Etsy plus if your shop is in good standing, which costs $10 a month and you get some free listings and Etsy ad credits amongst some other features.

#3 The Jewellery App

The third entry on this list is the first marketplace dedicated to just selling jewellery. Launched in 2019, it provides a platform for a variety of businesses to sell online, from designer makers to independent jewellery retailers.

What makes the marketplace great is their involvement with professional bodies such as National Association of Jewellers and the Society of British Jewellers. This adds another level of trust for buyers as they know that they are buying from professional, established jewellery businesses.

Selling on The Jewellery App is also very cost effective. Normally, the price of a shop is £45 a month with an 8% transaction fee whenever you sell an item. For this you get help directly from the Jewellery App team to get your store set up including setting up your web store, click and collect options if you have a physical store, social media integrations and product uploads if you provide them in a spreadsheet format.

To help businesses out during the Coronavirus issues that are being faced, The Jewellery App have scrapped transactions fees and set a fixed price of £95 a month.

You also get access to their B2B site, tja-connect which is an online directory of business and suppliers that can help your jewellery business grow and there are a variety of suppliers on there including insurance companies, diamond and gemstone suppliers and training companies. EcommerceGold is also there as well!

#4 Odissa

The fourth option on this list is Odissa, which is brought to you buy the Guild of Jewellery Designers and is focused on being an outlet for designer makers to sell their jewellery online.

There are some really great features on the platform, with the main one for me being the opportunity to arrange the commission of a bespoke piece through the platform. With the Odissa seller plus, you also get PPL cover up to £5 million and covers sales to the USA and Canada.

The pricing for using the platform is also very straight forward, if you are a Gold member of the Guild, then you pay no monthly fees as the Odissa platform is included as part of your membership. If you are not a member then there are two options, the first is the Odissa Seller package at £8 a month and the Odissa Plus package at £12 a month. With all of the packages, you pay a 7% transaction fee.

If you are thinking of using the Odissa marketplace to sell your handmade jewellery, I would recommend becoming a member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers with the Gold Plus or Gold Extra as it is included with your membership and you also get the many benefits that being a member also gives you.

#5 JewelStreet

The next option is one of the UK’s most established jewellery specific marketplaces and claims to be the world’s biggest jewellery website. JewelStreet is just for designer makers and the site has a worldwide reach for all sectors of the market.

One of the benefits of the JewelStreet marketplace is that they work with you to help promote your business and brand. With the entry level silver package, you get a brand interview and a listing in their designer directory and with the gold and platinum package you get a 2 minute brand promo video and to be featured on the prominent pages of the website.

Talking of the packages, how much does it cost to sell on JewelStreet?

The silver package is £299 annually, with gold coming in at £999 and the platinum at £2,499. These prices are pretty much in keeping with the costs of have a store on most of the other marketplaces. You do also pay a 22% transaction commission on every sale.

You do get a lot of support from the platform when you have a boutique with JewelStreet, including a rewriting service for your product descriptions, so that they are more SEO friendly, the chance to take part in JewelStreet marketing campaigns and the designer university that is full of useful guides for nearly every aspect of your business.


So there they are, the best online marketplaces to sell your jewellery online. Whether you are a retailer or designer maker, there are a bunch of great options out there to choose from.