How to Add a Video to Shopify Product Page

Having product focused videos on your product page can be a great way to get more sales but how do you actually add them to your page?

Well there are two ways that you can do it and we are going to show you both in this short Shopify tutorial.

1. Add it to Your Media Gallery

The first method is to add the video to your media gallery on the product page. This can be done by going to in to the Add/Edit Product Page and finding the Media section (should be under the description).

Upload Media

Then you can choose to upload the video to Shopify from your device or you can add a URL if it is hosted elsewhere, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Just be aware that if you are uploading directly to Shopify, it will take some time to upload and process the video, with longer, high quality videos taking longer.

Once you have uploaded or added the link to the video, it will be visible on your product pages gallery, like in the image below (this was uploaded directly to Shopify).

Video in Gallery Shopify

While both methods are valid, we found that uploading directly to Shopify displayed better and also didn’t include any distractions such as recommended videos like it does when you add a link to a video that has been uploaded to YouTube.

2. Embed a Video in the Product Description

The second method is to embed a video in the product description, which means that it needs to be hosted externally, so on YouTube or Vimeo and for this tutorial, we are going to show how to do this using a YouTube video (as we have our own YouTube Channel).

To do this, you first need to get the embed code for your video and this isn’t the most straightforward thing to do as you need to view your video on YouTube (not in the creator dashboard) as you need to click on the share button:

Click Share Button

This is found underneath the video title and when you click on share, it will show you all of the sharing options and you want to click on embed.

This will then show you the code that you need in order to be able to embed it into the product description.

There are a couple of options including choosing from when you want to video to start and if you want to show the player controls.

Click Embed
Copy Embed Code

Once you have decided on the settings simply click copy in the bottom right hand corner and it will copy the code to your devices clipboard.

Then, you want to go into the Add/Edit product screen and click on the icon in the description toolbar that looks like a play button, as this is the option to embed a video.

Embed Video in Shopify Description

Then simply paste the code into the pop up that appears and the video will be embedded in your product description and if you use the preview option, you will be able to see what it looks like on the front end of your store.


Shopify have made it very easy to add videos to their product pages, with the most complicated part getting the embed code from YouTube.

You can also choose to use both methods on the same page, which can be great for getting more sales and also views on your YouTube or Vimeo channel.

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