How To Deal With Negative Online Reviews

Getting a negative review sucks! It really is as simple as that, you work hard to make sure that you provide the best product and service that you can, only for someone to leave you a negative review.

But there are some steps you can take to deal with reviews that not only make your business look better but also potentially get the review removed.

Always Reply Professionally to any Negative Reviews

Trying to be clever or sarcastic when you reply to your reviews in most cases is not going to do your business any favours. Instead you want to reply professionally and think of it as a PR exercise for your business.

If you get a review from a customer and they haven’t contacted you before leaving the review, then you want you would want to respond with something like:

“Sorry to hear that you are not happy with the product/service. If you had contacted us about your issue, we would have been happy to resolve this for you.”

This kind of reply makes your business look very professional and that you are happy to offer great customer service if you are given the chance. You have also opened up the possibility of resolving the issue with the customer which could end up with the review either getting revised or reviewed.

You can go one step further and initiate the contact with the customer yourself, this is the approach I always took. Many times this strategy resulted in the issue getting resolved and the negative review either being removed or it being turned into a positive. This doesn’t always work but many people do appreciate that you have taken the step to reach out.

Negative Reviews from Disputes

Sometimes you will get negative as a result of a dispute that hasn’t gone the customers way. In many cases you can contact the platform on which the review is on and ask them to remove it and say that the review has been left as a result of a dispute that was found in your favour.

If you cannot get the review then you want to be professional when you reply to the review and once again, you want to state the facts that the customer left this review as a result of a dispute that was was found in your favour.

This makes it look like your customer is being a bit unreasonable and that they have left the review just because the dispute didn’t go their way.


Pretty short post here but the important thing is to always reply and be professional in your reply, being clever in your reply can really back fire and there is plenty of evidence of that happening. Additionally, you don’t want to get into an argument with your customer either as this doesn’t look good to any potential customers reading these reviews.

Similarly you don’t want to ignore them either as they won’t go away and for me, I always wanted to protect my businesses image and leaving negative reviews out there unanswered isn’t doing your business any good.

To help you avoid getting to this stage, I have written a How to Deal With Difficult Customers post as well. Might be worth a read.