The 7 Best Shopify SEO Apps (Tried & Tested)

If you want to get more organic traffic to your Shopify store (why wouldn’t you as it is one of the best-converting traffic sources!) then installing the right app can help with this.

But and this is a big BUT an app alone isn’t going to make you magically rank number 1 on Google!

This is because things like keyword research, creating great content and building backlinks are all very important aspects of SEO and require more than an app

This is why, if you are new to SEO, then I do recommend checking out our full Shopify SEO Guide & Checklist as this will help you understand more about SEO.

Best Shopify SEO App

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Tiny IMG came out on top in our testing due to it:

  • Having a good selection of features
  • Having an easy-to-use interface
  • Being reasonably priced

It offers a good overall package that has a good focus on on-site SEO aspects for Shopify stores and was the one we liked the most.

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Testing The Apps

Testing out SEO apps is challenging as without numerous active stores running these apps, it is very difficult to see how they perform over the long term, so using our experience of SEO, we looked at:

  • The features they offer
  • The pricing
  • What they are like to use

And to be honest, most of the SEO apps we tried were pretty useless and coming up with a list of 7 options was actually quite challenging.

1. Tiny Img – Free to $39.99/month

Tiny Img Shopify App

Tiny Img was the one Shopify SEO App that we were impressed by as we thought it offered a good set of features and was reasonably priced (they also didn’t ask for review immediately after installing the app!).

Tiny Img originally started out as an image optimization app for Shopify but has now evolved into a full suite of SEO tools and includes some great features like:

  • Speed Optimization – this includes image optimization, lazy loading and pre-loading of assets, all of which can make pages load quicker and improve user experience
  • Broken Link Checker – the app scans for broken links and puts in place 301 redirects so that your customers don’t land on a 404 not found page
  • Filename & Alt Text Optimization – makes filenames more search engine friendly and adds alt text to all images

But we do recommend going for the Yearly or Advanced plan rather than the Beginners as it includes some nice additional features, including:

  • Schema – the app adds Schema (also known as structured data) to your store and this makes it easier to search engines to understand what your page is about
  • AI-Generated Meta Descriptions – use ChatGPT directly through your dashboard to generate good meta descriptions, which can increase click-through rates
  • Sitemap Manager – this allows you to hide pages from your sitemap by adding noindex and nofollow tags to these pages

The interface for the app is also really easy to use and it doesn’t take long to get the app up and running, definitely worth checking out.

2. Sherpas: Smart SEO – Free to $29.99/month

The Smart SEO app by Sherap Design did impress us as it offered a lot of really useful features that are beneficial to your store’s SEO, including:

  • Image and Page speed optimization – optimize images and activate instant page with the click of a button
  • AI-generated meta-descriptions – use ChatGPT to create custom and unique meta-descriptions based on keywords and tone
  • Add structured data to your store – help search engines understand your site’s pages by adding structured data to them

The app is also easy to use and the AI-powered meta-description generator worked really well, one of the things we did like about this app was some of the tools around backlinks as it includes:

  • Broken link detection, both internal and external – check for any broken links, both internally and if you are linking to any broken pages
  • Backlinks Checker – this is available on the more expensive plans but it shows you a list of all the sites linking to your store.

Another feature allows you to manage your sitemap and choose to no index certain pages if you connect your store to Google Search Console via the app.

We really did like the Sherpas: Smart SEO app and it offers some really good features/tools and is reasonably priced.

3. SEO Manager by Venntov – Free to $59/month

SEO Manager was another app that we felt focused on the important parts of SEO that can actually help your store and some of the features we liked included:

  • Schema/Structured Data – you can choose which schema you want enabled and it also integrates with nearly all of the main review apps
  • Broken Link Checker & Redirect – the app scans your site for broken links and you can then manually add a redirect, plus you can set up an auto-redirect for any broken links
  • Readability Tool – a unique tool that allows you to input content, it could be for your product descriptions or blog posts and it gives you a readability score

But where SEO Managers strength truly lies is in the on-page SEO ability that the app offers and we haven’t tried another app that comes close as it allows you to check the SEO of all of your site’s pages individually and there are many options, including:

  • Setting a target keyword for that page – it will check for this keyword in the title and meta description
  • Ability to enter/edit the title and meta description
  • On-page description reading level – this basically tells you how easy/difficult it is to read the description based on the US grade system
  • Image alt tag
  • Tests – you can test the page in Google PageSpeed Insights, Mobile Checker and Rich Snippet tool all with the click of a button
  • Sitemap management – choose whether the page is included with your sitemap and whether you want the page indexed or not

This app gives you a lot of control over your site’s SEO but to get the most out of the app, you will need to have a good knowledge of SEO and it might be a bit overwhelming/confusing if you are brand new to Shopify SEO.

Which is why it isn’t higher on our list and it also misses out on the AI-powered meta-descriptions, which are very useful and can save you a lot of time.

4. Ilana’s JSON‑LD for SEO – $399/year

Ilana's JSON‑LD for SEO

This app is different from all the others on this list as it does 1 thing but it does it really well!

And that thing is adding Schema or structured data to your Shopify store in a really quick and easy way as it is very much set and forget but does add good schema to all of your pages, including:

  • Product
  • Blog posts
  • Homepage

It also includes support for FAQ and How to schema along with all the fields needed for Google Merchant Center and it also works with all the main review apps to help add reviews to your SERP results.

Outside of this, there really isn’t much more to say about the app as it doesn’t offer a large number of features like other apps on this list but the pricing is a bit on the high side at $399 a year.

5. Tpt:Speed, SEO Image Optimizer – Free to $49/month

A relatively new Shopify SEO app comes from a company called Tapita but it looks like an interesting option.

The main focus of the app is on speed optimization, which plays a big part in user experience and can help increase conversion rates but it also offers a range of SEO tools, including:

  • Add Schema (structured data) to your site’s pages
  • AI-powered meta-description generation
  • Internal audit to check for broken links, missing image alt tags etc
  • Built-in keyword research tool

The speed optimization is very good, the SEO features are pretty good (although we expected more from the meta-description generator!) and the pricing is reasonable, so it is worth checking out but it isn’t quite as good as some of the other apps on this list.

6. Schema Plus for SEO – $14.99/month

Schema Plus is another plugin that focuses on doing one thing and doing it well, which is adding structured data to your Shopify store.

It also offers many different types of schema, including:

  • Product
  • Article (for blog posts)
  • FAQ
  • Local and Organization

They also offer onboarding via a Zoom meeting, which is a niche touch and it integrates with all of the popular review apps to add product ratings to your SERP results, the app is also very easy to use and is very much set and forget once you have set it up correctly.

7. Redirects Pro – Free to $10.99/month

Redirect Pro Shopify App

The last app on this is one that is complimentary to the two Schema-only apps as just installing one of them means that you are missing out on something that is important, not only to SEO but also for customer experience and conversion rates.

This is Redirects Pro, which helps you detect and manage broken links on your site and the plugin includes:

  • Detect and fix any broken links on your site
  • Set up automatic rules or manually create your own redirects
  • Set up redirects for store migrations to a new domain

Even though many of the ‘All-in-one’ SEO apps include broken link detection and redirects, we still think that this app does it the best and is definitely needed if you aren’t going to be using an SEO app that includes this feature.


Choosing an SEO App for Shopify can be daunting as there are many different options and many offer all of these amazing features but you need tools that are going to help your site and we think all the apps we have included will help your site’s SEO.

Overall, Tiny IMG did come out on top in our testing due to it:

  • Having a good selection of features
  • Having an easy to use interface
  • Being reasonably priced

And combining this with a good product review app will give your store an SEO boost.

But one again, an SEO app alone won’t get you to the top of Google! There are many other factors, such as Keyword Research, Content and Backlinks that all play a huge role in the success of your SEO campaign.

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