About Me

Hi and welcome to Ecommerce Gold, my name is Paul Haywood and I wanted to add some personality to my website and make it a bit different to all the other Ecommerce Review sites that are out there!

My Background

My background is a little different to most people who run review websites as I actually ran an ecommerce business for over 7 years and have used a variety of different platforms, including many of these that I review on here!

Paul Haywood EcommerceGold

As a business owner, I was always looking for ways to improve my website and would regularly go through and test these platforms out to see if they would be a better option than what I was currently using. This means that I have tested them from the perspective of someone who is trying to decide whether or not this platform will be good for my business.

You may notice that I said ran, not run above and the reason for that is that my business is a jewellery business and my business evolved from just being a retailer to doing bespoke work and when evaluating my work load, it made sense for me to move away from ecommerce.

Starting Ecommerce Gold

The idea for Ecommerce Gold came from as an evolution from an old blog I had, that reviewed a couple of ecommerce platforms and got pretty good traffic and positive feedback from the readers. So I knew there was a market for a website like this, so I set about creating a website that would help UK businesses start selling online and there were two main reasons for this:

The first ties in with what I said above, I review these platforms from the perspective of someone who has built and run online stores. I don’t just recite what is on the companies website, I give honest reviews to help you make an informed decision about which platform to choose for your business.

The second reason is that I always found that the majority of reviews were either aimed at the North American market or the ones that were aimed at the UK market to be pretty poor. I especially found this when I was looking at comparisons between certain platforms and this made choosing a platform more difficult for me.

So I made Ecommerce Gold to be the site I would have liked to have come across when researching these platforms.