The 7 Best Shopify Review Apps (Tried & Tested!)

There are a lot of Shopify review apps out there and this makes choosing the right one for your store a challenge, especially as they all claim to be the best!

And that is why we have been through and tried all of the popular apps to see which ones we think are the best based on:

  • The features that they offer
  • What they are like to use
  • How much they cost

And to make life easier for you, we put it in a nice and easy-to-read list but…

Do You Need A Review App For Shopify?

A review app isn’t essential but it can be very helpful for your Shopify store as customer reviews can improve:

  • Conversion Rates – customers are 76.7% more likely to purchase a product if it has a review, which is a lot!
  • SEO – products pages with schema-enabled reviews are more likely to rank higher in organic search results than pages without reviews, this is because reviews are a signal to search engines that the product is of good quality

It also provides a way for customers to give feedback on your products, whether good or bad (and negative reviews aren’t always a bad thing!), which can be valuable information that you can use to grow your business.

Many of the review apps covered in this post also offer the ability to add a Q&A section to your product page, which can be a great way of generating additional User Generated Content (UGC) alongside your reviews, which can also help with conversion rates and SEO.

So a review app can be very helpful addition to your Shopify store but let’s see what the best options are…

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1. is one of the most popular and highly rated review apps on Shopify and after trying it out for ourselves, there is good reason for it and there were two things we really liked…

The first was how easy to use the app is, from the step-by-step onboarding process to customizing the widgets so they fit your brand and managing your reviews, the whole process is just very easy and straightforward.

They have also included some short tutorial videos, which show you how to set certain things up in the app, the front-end experience is also very good, which makes submitting a review very easy for your customers to do.

The second thing we liked was the number of features that the app offers, to get access to all of the features, you will need to upgrade to the $15/m Awesome Plan (yes, that is what it is called!), with some of the features being:

  • Unlimited product reviews on the free plan
  • Photo and video submissions for reviews
  • SEO Rich Snippets
  • Q&A (paid)
  • All reviews page (paid)
  • No branding (paid), this stops the branding from being visible on your site.

But how much does cost?

They have kept their pricing very simple and offer two options:

  • Free Forever – this includes unlimited product review requests and basic features
  • Awesome – includes all free features along with Q&A, no branding and custom forms

As a straight-up review app, is very difficult to beat as it just does the job and does it well.

The app has a great onboarding process, meaning that you can get reviews set up on your store in a couple of minutes and the user experience from both an admin and customer perspective is very good and the paid plan comes with a really good selection of features.

To the point where we don’t have anything bad to say about the app, it just works, plus it integrates with many different marketing and SEO apps.

2. Loox Product Reviews

Loox Product Reviews is another very popular and highly-rated review app that boasts some big-name users including Bench, Zumba and Discovery and after using the app, it is easy to see why.

One of the main reasons for this is that the app is very easy to use, from the onboarding process, which covers many different aspects of setting the app up to the user interface, which is very well laid out and it is easy to navigate from one section to the other and how easy it is to manage your reviews.

When it comes to features, Loox offers a good selection, including:

  • A Social Proof Widget – this notifies new customers of reviews that have been left by existing customers, which can be a great way to improve conversion rates
  • Discounts for Photos – you can incentivize customers to leave a photo with their review by offering a discount on future orders
  • Upsell – you can use Loox to upsell products in your checkout
  • A Referral Program (paid extra) – this allows you to create offers such as fixed price or percentage discount to encourage your customers to recommend your store to their friends and family

Loox is lacking the ability to add a Q&A to your product pages, which is something that is offered by many review plugins and the import functionality is a little bit limited when compared to some of the other review apps out there.

But there is one thing we do need to talk about with Loox and that is the price as it’s a bit on the expensive side…

  • The Beginner plan costs $9.99/m and only includes basic features
  • The Scale plan starts from $34.99/m and includes 300 email requests a month and it is an additional $35/m for each additional 300
  • The Unlimited plan costs $299.99/m but this includes all of the features that the app has to offer

Even though Loox is one of the more expensive options when it comes to adding reviews to your Shopify store, we thought the admin interface was very easy to use and the app offers a good selection of features on top of the customer reviews to help you generate more sales, such as social proof, refer a friend and upsell.

The reviews also display well on the front end of your site and the user experience for customers is also very easy and you as the site owner can’t manually edit the review, which we think is good for integrity.

3. Trustoo

Trustoo app

While not as popular as or Loox, Trustoo is still a very popular review app with Shopify store owners and after trying it out for ourselves, we can see why.

Trustoo offers a nice, simple and easy to use dashboard to help you manage your reviews and comes with some really nice features, including:

  • Review Widgets – collect and display reviews directly on your product pages, review rating can also be added to collection pages
  • Photos – customers can easily add photos to their reviews, making it more visual than just written reviews
  • Automatic Review Requests – set it up so that you automatically send review requests to your customers and you can include a discount to encourage them to leave a review
  • Q&A – add a Q&A section to your product pages to add another level of social proof and answer commonly asked questions

The Trustoo app is also set up for rich snippets, which increases the chances of your products review rating being shown in organic search results in the likes of Google and Bing.

But how much does Trustoo Product Reviews cost?

They offer 3 plans, which are:

  • Free – includes 50 review requests a month, discount codes and Instagram feed
  • Basic $9.99/m – includes 150 review requests a month, show up to 500 reviews per product and Google snippet
  • Growth $19.99/m – includes 600 review requests a month (each additional 200 requests are $9.90), video reviews, remove Trustoo branding and auto multi-language
Trustoo Pricing

We really like the Trustoo app, especially as you get a lot of features for a reasonable monthly price and the app is very easy to use, not only in terms of using the app but also getting it set up on your store as all the widgets can be easily added in the Shopify customizer.

We also liked that it integrates with many other popular apps such as Pagefly (page builder) and TinyIMG (SEO app) along with all the other apps that the developer has created.

We didn’t find many negatives with the app, the only thing we would like to see is the Trustoo branding removed on all paid plans

4. Fera Reviews

Fera Product Review App

Fera is a review app that allows you to collect both product and store reviews, which is something that many of the review apps we tried don’t offer and from a marketing perspective, having these two different types of reviews can be very helpful.

The app is also incredibly easy to use and offers some very useful features, including:

  • Display all of your reviews – you can display reviews collected directly on your store alongside reviews from Facebook, Google and other platforms
  • Photo and Video – customers can easily add photos or videos to their reviews (each plan has it’s own storage allocation for these)
  • Overall Ratings – you can display an overall rating on your site’s pages or in your footer, which is averaged from all the reviews you have received
  • Group Reviews – if you sell similar products, you can group these together so that the reviews for all the products in the group are displayed on the product pages

You can also set up auto-request emails for reviews and include incentives such as discount codes to encourage your customers to leave you a review.

But how much does Fera Product Reviews cost? They offer 4 plans, which are:

  • Free – includes 10 review email requests a month, 10MB storage for photos/videos & 1 widget
  • Startup $9/m – includes 100 review email requests a month, 100 MB storage for photos/videos
  • Small $29/m – includes 1,000 review email requests a month, 1GB storage for photos/videos & 10 widgets
  • Medium $29/m – includes 10,000 review email requests a month, 10GB storage for photos/videos & 20 widgets
Fera Review App pricing

We were really impressed with the Fera review app and it was arguably the easiest to use on the list from an admin perspective once you have got the app set up as it took us a little time to go through all of the settings to get it set up in a way that we were happy with.

There were a couple of features we really liked including the Overall Reviews widget as this is great for marketing your store and that you have both product and store review options within the app.

When it comes to negatives, a Q&A section within the shop widget would be a nice addition and the storage limits for photos/videos on the packages is quite small, especially if your customers are uploading unoptimized files!

5. Growave App

Growave is more than just a review app, it is more of a marketing app for Shopify stores as it offers users a suite of 5 features:

  1. Loyalty & Rewards – let customers earn points on their purchases that they can use to redeem a variety of different rewards
  2. Referrals – incentivize your customers to refer their friends and family to your store so that they both get a reward
  3. Reviews – let customers leave reviews on your product, which can then be displayed on your product and collections pages
  4. Wishlist – let customers add products to a wishlist that they can come back and purchase at a later date or share to people who may buy it for them
  5. Instagram UGC – add shoppable Instagram galleries to your Shopify store

That is a lot of features for a single app but for this list, we are just looking at the reviews and it offers a good range of features, including:

  • Good onboarding and setup
  • Customers can easily leave reviews and also add images to the reviews
  • Multiple widgets to add reviews to different pages on your store
  • Q&A section that allows customers to ask questions
  • Easy-to-use dashboard, that allows you to verify reviews

One thing that is different with Growave is that the customization options for the widgets are done through the main theme customizer rather than through the app, which makes the customization process a little less intuitive than some of the other apps mentioned.

The only thing we didn’t like with the Growave app is the lack of settings within the app and this made it difficult to set up some of the options within the app following the initial onboarding process.

But how much does Growave cost?

Growave offers 4 plans and they all include the 5 features mentioned above, with the pricing being:

  • Free – this is for up to 100 orders a month
  • Medium $49/m – for up to 500 orders a month
  • Growth $149/m – for up to 1,000 orders a month + additional features
  • Premium £349/m – for up to 3,000 orders a month + additional features

We liked that the Growave app is more than just a review app and it is more of a marketing app due to it offering a good selection of different features and it could save you a lot of money over installing apps for all of these individual features.

But the lack of settings around the app after the initial onboarding made the app a little frustrating to use and it lacks some of the features and customization that some of the more specialized review apps offer.

6. Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo is a serial Shopify app developer and their Product Reviews app is one of a suite of apps they offer for Shopify stores that all designed to help you increase not only your sales but also audience retention.

But we are just looking at the review app for this post and it is a very solid offering that includes a Q&A option alongside the reviews but one of the areas where the Yotpo app really shines is the display options for the reviews as there are quite a few, including:

  • Review widget
  • Star rating
  • Reviews badge – shows how many verified reviews the product has
  • Review carousel
  • Promoted products – automatically show the 8 highest-rated products above the reviews widget
  • Review highlights – show testimonials from your best reviews

Setting the app up is reasonably easy to do but there are a couple of things that could be better:

  1. Having the app work within the dashboard (we aren’t a fan of apps that open in new tabs)
  2. Auto insertion of product ratings on the collection page (this requires manually adding code to your theme)

But once everything is all setup and working, the app does work well and there are lots of customization options for your store.

In terms of pricing, Yotpo is reasonably priced and for most stores, the $15/m plan will be ideal as it offers a good selection of features and generous allocations.

The Yotpo app was nice and easy to use and come with a nice selection of features, although not as many as some of the other apps mentioned on this list but where it does shine is as being part of a suite of marketing apps that can help you increase sales and retention but when you start installing multiple of these, Yotpo can begin to get a bit on the expensive side.

7. Helpful Product Reviews App

HelpfulCrowds review app is one of the few apps with more than 100 reviews that has no 1-star ratings (as of writing this post) and this is not only a statement of how good the app is but also how good and prompt the support is (we know this from experience).

The HelpfulCrowd app does come with a good selection of features, including:

  • Review and Q&A widget for product pages
  • Display social reviews from Facebook and Google
  • Re-review requests (great for if you address a customer’s original issue)
  • Automatic language translation for your widgets
  • 24/7 support

It is also one of the few apps that doesn’t let you edit any of the reviews or questions that are left on your site but the integration with Shopify and get the app set up is very easy and if you do have any issues, then you can drop support a message via the live chat.

The only thing we don’t like is that the app opens outside of the Shopify dashboard and we personally prefer to be able to manage everything with the Shopify dashboard as it just makes life easier in our opinion, we also couldn’t get the reviews to display on the collection page, which isn’t ideal.

But how much does the HelpfulCrowd app cost?

They offer a range of 5 plans, which are:

  • Launchpad 150 (Free) – this allows you to send 150 review requests a month
  • Ascent 500 ($10/m) – this allows up to 500 review requests per month and includes additional features and widgets
  • Altitude Unlimited ($20/m) – this allows unlimited requests per month

We do like the HelpfulCrowd app as it offers some nice features, is relatively easy to use and offers great support but it didn’t feel as intuitive to use as some of the other apps mentioned on this list, much of this came from the admin dashboard as it doesn’t offer the same easy user experience of some of the other apps mentioned on this list.


We spent a lot of time trying all of the different Shopify review apps and found that some were considerably better than others and only the ones we liked made this list but which one should you choose?

If you are just looking for a straight-up review app for your store, then it is very difficult to look past as it does the job very well, which is reflected by the near-perfect score it gets from its users.

We did also like Loox as it has a very modern and sleek user interface, which might work better for some stores where appearance is very important, plus it offers a couple of extra features.

If you are looking for a more feature-rich app, then Growave is worth considering as it offers more than just reviews that may be helpful for your store.

We hope this list has been helpful as we understand that choosing the right app can be a difficult and somewhat daunting decision as there are so many options out there.

Don’t Install Too Many Apps

It can be very tempting to go through and install multiple apps to find the right one but do this with caution as apps can add code to your theme files, which may slow your site down or cause issues, especially if you uninstall the app and install another one. If possible, test these apps on a copy of your main theme and only install the one you are going to use on your active theme.

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